Yrjö Jahnsson Award in Economics

Recipients of the award

Jean-Jacques LAFFONT
and Jean TIROLE, University of Toulouse: for their innovative work in the application of economic theory to the analysis of incentives, especially in industrial economics. (Selection Committee: Jacques Drèze, Michael Bruno, Erkki Koskela)

, University College London: for his pathbreaking contributions to consumption behaviour and microeconometrics.

, University of Stockholm: for his contributions to the study of economic policy. He has been able to study the connection between political institutions and economic performance with respect to growth , distribution and the size of government. (Selection Committee: Martin Hellwig, Erkki Koskela, Stephen Nickell, Richard Portes, Agnar Sandmo)

and John MOORE, London School of Economics: for their path-breaking work on contracting and exchange. (Selection Committee: Martin Hellwig, Erkki Koskela, Torsten Persson, Richard Portes, Jean Tirole)

Philippe AGHION
, Harvard University and University College London, and Guido TABELLINI, Universita Bocconi in Milan: for their contributions in political economics and macroeconomics as well as in corporate finance and industrial organisation. (Selection Committee: Pierre Pestieau as Chairman, Torsten Persson, Kevin Roberts, Rune Stenbacka and Jean Tirole)

, Universite Libre de Bruxelles for his path-breaking contributions to both pure and applied contract theory, and organization economics. (Selection Committee: Kevin Roberts as Chairman, Richard Blundell, Birgit Grodal, Pierre Pestieau and Rune Stenbacka)

Timothy BESLEY
, London School of Economics, and Jordi GALI, Universitat Pompeu Fabra: for their landmark contributions in development economics, public economics, and political economy, and for the development of the “New Keynesian” macroeconomics. (Selection Committee: Richard Blundell as Chairman, Elhanan Helpman, Salvador Barbera, Marco Pagano and Rune Stenbacka)

, Université des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse: for his innovative research on labour markets and political economy. (Selection Committee: Guido Tabellini as Chairman, Seppo Honkapohja, Marco Pagano, Elhanan Helpman, Guy Laroque)

, London School of Economics, and Fabrizio ZILIBOTTI, University of Zürich, for their important contributions to the analysis of technological innovation and its link with economic growth and labor market phenomena. (Selection Committee: Guido Tabellini as Chairman, Manuel Arellano, Ernst Fehr, Seppo Honkapohja, and Guy Laroque).

Armin FALK,
University of Bonn: for his contributions to the analysis of social preferences, in particular preferences for reciprocal fairness, and their impact on principal-agent relations, collective action and the functioning of labor markets. (Selection Committee: Ernst Fehr as Chairman, Manuel Arellano, Mathias Dewatripont, Rachel Griffith, Seppo Honkapohja).

Helene REY, London Business School, and Thomas PIKETTY, Paris School of Economics. Rey: for her original contributions to international finance, especially the determination of exchange rates and international capital flows. Piketty: for his original contributions to public economics, specifically the study of inequality and mobility. (Selection Committee: Timothy Besley as Chairman, Mathias Dewatripont, Rachel Griffith, Juuso Välimäki, Fabrizio Zilibotti).

Central European University, for his contribution to the theoretical foundations of behavioral economics, and its application to public finance and contract theory. (Selection Committee: Fabrizio Zilibotti as Chairman, Mark Armstrong, Tim Besley, Helene Rey, Juuso Välimäki).

Ran SPIEGLER, Tel Aviv University, and Michele TERTILT, University of Mannheim. Spiegler: for his contributions to economic theory and bounded rationality. Tertilt: for her contributions to family economics and household finance. (Selection committee: Mark Armstrong as Co-Chair, Armin Falk, Hélène Rey as Co-Chair, Kjetil Storesletten and Hannu Vartiainen.)

Oriana BANDIERA, London School of Economics, and Imran RASUL, University College of London, for their contributions to economics, especially to the fields of personnel economics and development. (Selection committee: Kjetil Storesletten as Chairman, Orazio Attanasio, Armin Falk, Eliana La Ferrara,  and Hannu Vartiainen.)